Coffee growing should be

We Believe Coffee Growing Should be Economically, Environmentally, and Socially Sustainable

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Carbon, Climate, and Coffee Initiative

Under the Carbon, Climate, and Coffee Initiative, we track our collective carbon footprint, from the moment our contracted green coffee is put on a truck towards the port until the coffee is roasted and delivered to the end consumer. In turn, we invest US$ 0.03/lb on all green coffee purchases into our Impact Fund.

This fund supports carbon-sequestering agricultural practices and other innovative farmer-led projects contributing to the health and sustainable development in producer communities, and offering a solution to global climate change.

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Cooperative coffees

We are an importer of Fair Trade and Organic coffee committed to improving the livelihood of small-scale coffee farmers, providing services to our members, and creating connections that have a regenerative and sustainable impact.

The producers we work with define the focus of our impact investments, and have consistently cited climate change, soil health, and increasing yields as top challenges facing their organizations.  We learned from our partners that promoting regenerative soils and organic practices provides solutions for many challenges facing independent smallholder farmers. An added benefit of this work is the ability of farmers to mitigate the global effects of climate change as healthier soils also sequester more carbon from the atmosphere.

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Our Commitment to Net Zero

We focus on mutually beneficial partnerships and paying top prices for high-quality coffees, while assuming our share of responsibility toward a sustainable future. Over the past few years, we've been working to balance our science-based approach to climate solutions with our collective urgency for climate action. We are now ready to set our milestone to be Net Zero Carbon by 2025.

roadmap to

Net-Zero Carbon


Launch Carbon, Climate, and Coffee Initiative

We track our carbon footprint and invest $0.03/lb on all green coffee purchases in farmer-led projects that support carbon sequestration.


Launch the Cool Farm Tool Project

In this project, we work with coffee farmers to measure their environmental impact using the Cool Farm Tool, an online greenhouse gas emissions and soil carbon sequestration calculator.


Environmental Service Premiums

On-farm carbon sequestration data is collected from 250 Cool Farm Tool pilot project participants and up to US $200k in carbon insets will be paid to carbon-smart farmers.

2022 - 2024


We will have introduced the Cool Farm Tool to our entire supply chain and will be collecting data from at least 50% of our producer partners.



We have achieved Net-Zero Carbon by investing in carbon insets within our supply chain.